19 October 2005

Dangerous people in cars

Yesterday my husband was walking to his car, crossing 9th at Grant in Denver, when he was hit by a car making a right turn.

He's OK, his knee is banged up, but I'm really irked at the driver. The driver didn't stop, just yelled, "Sorry!" out the window and drove on. My husband was knocked down and shocked and didn't manage to get a license plate off the car, but he did notice that there was a kid in the car as a passenger. Some example the driver is setting for his kid.

Then this morning, when I was driving Rich to the doctor's to get his knee checked out, we arrived upon an accident a block and a half from our house. A woman in a ginormous truck had just run over a high school kid on a bike. The woman who had hit him was holding his head up, so I took off my coat and put it under his head to keep it still and comfortable. I think the kid will be OK, maybe a broken arm, and he had a little blood coming from his mouth but I think he had possibly bitten his tongue or the inside of his mouth. He may have been in shock, or possibly had a head injury, because he knew his name but not his parents', or his phone number, and he kept trying to pass out. I just stuck around long enough to keep the kid awake long enough for the emergency crews to arrive. The first group of firefighters on the scene had things under control, so I gave him my name and phone number, told him I hadn't seen the actual accident, that I needed to take my husband to the doctor, and asked him to call me when I could get my coat.

Is it shallow of me to hope that I get my coat back? Even though it's only a $25 coat, I really like it.

UPDATE: I got my coat back. Went by the kid's house (I had his last name, and there's someone down the street with the same fairly uncommon last name, so I am guessing it's his house, anyway), they're not home, which either means his injuries were minor and they're out shopping or eating dinner or something, or they're still at the hospital, which may be not so good news. The hospital he was taken to is in downtown Denver, and I live in a far north suburb, so I'm not going to drop by to see how he's doing. I left a message on what I hope is their phone.

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Dr. Emer said...

It happens here, too. Reckless drivers hit people and take-off! I hope people would be more careful.