30 July 2007

Iraq wins Asian Cup championship

It's amazing what being rewarded instead of being tortured will do for the morale of a sports team. I hope Uday Hussein is spinning in his grave, and I hope the IOC are duly ashamed of themselves.

27 July 2007

I shouldn't be laughing about this...

By now I'm sure you've heard about Oscar the Cat, who lives in a nursing home and buddies up to dying patients. Yeah, that's not funny, it's touching and warm and fuzzy.

THIS is funny, although my finding it funny just shows how bad my taste is.
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24 July 2007

Flattop/Hallett Hike

These pictures are from hiking Flattop Mountain and Hallett Peak on July 15. Click on the thumbnail for larger photos.

Morning sun on Hallett Peak

This is the sign at the Dream Lake viewpoint, about a third of the way up.

This is Dream Lake.

Long's Peak from the Dream Lake viewpoint

This is either Chiefshead or Thatchtop Mountain from the Dream Lake viewpoint

Stepping back a little from the sign at the Dream Lake viewpoint

McHenry's Notch from the Dream Lake viewpoint

It's amazing to me what lengths trees will go to to grow...especially at altitude.

This is not the top of Flattop...but by this point I was kinda wishing it was.

Longs Peak from about halfway up the Flattop trail.

About halfway up the Flattop Trail, you can see the parking lot. It was very encouraging to see how far I'd come. Unfortunately, the second half of the hike took about twice as long as the first half.

They really don't want you to miss this cairn. It's about four feet tall.

Do not descend, huh?

Like I'm gonna try descending to THAT. From the Emerald Lake viewpoint, you can see from Longs Peak to Emerald Lake in one sweeping view.

Suddenly, Hallett Peak appears over the top of Flattop.

The top of Flattop Mountain is uneventful. I wasn't even certain I was at the top, other than a 'go back' sign that said, "Bear Lake 4.4 mi".

The other sign attached to the 'go back' signpost.

Tyndall Glacier is the big snowpatch on the side of Hallett Peak.

It's the Howdy Marmot!

Cairns mark the top of Hallett Peak.

Longs Peak from the top of Hallett Peak

God glued a rock back together.
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