06 January 2008

Last night's debate

I'm pretty disappointed in our GOP candidates after last night's debate. They were each given a chance to discuss what we should do about our national oil crisis (and let me tell you, having to spend over sixty bucks to fill up my gas-guzzling SUV is a crisis!). Not one of them did what I was hoping for, which was to sit up, look straight into the camera, and say with conviction, "Invade Venezuela!"

Although I suppose the only one crazy enough to spout off something so offensive before making it into office is Ron Paul, and that kind of goes against his foreign policy.

I have to disagree with Jack M's assessment that Hillary bringing up S-CHIP is going to cost her the nomination, and I didn't think the got TOO shrewish there compared to some of the other times she lost her cool. Remember, the people who are most likely to show up to the New Hampshire primaries are those who are die-hard Democrats, and they're all for putting each and every one of our children on welfare.

I'd comment more on the Dem debate, but I fell asleep. Blah blah blah blah tends to do that to me.

Here's some lousy Photoshop for you

Dave in Texas noted Barack Obama's strong resemblance to Richard Nixon in this picture:

I see a stronger resemblance to some of our childhood icons:

Best hot sauce ever

Original Juan makes what I consider the best hot sauce ever. I'm in a little bit of a panic that they're temporarily out of stock, because we're down to three bottles and that won't last us through three weeks of playoffs.

A couple of uses:

Carefully strain out the chunks and pour the strained liquid into a spray container of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (or your favorite spray butter substitute). It only takes a couple of tablespoons of liquid to flavor an entire an entire bottle. This is fantastic popcorn topping. Unfortunately, the popcorn sold by Original Juan isn't that tasty, so this is a great way to bring garlic heat to your popcorn.

But what to do with the chunks? Hot wings!

Take a big batch of wings cut like you'd cut them for buffalo wings. Coat in flour mixed with some spices - this weekend I used cayenne pepper, paprika, a bit of salt, and black and red pepper. Let the wings sit for an hour, then coat them again. Heat canola or peanut oil to 350 degrees, and fry up those wings, it usually takes about 13 minutes to cook them through.

Take the bottle of hot sauce you just opened to make your popcorn topping, and pour it into a small heavy saucepan. Don't forget the chunks you strained out for the popcorn topping. Add a stick of butter, warm over low heat until the butter is melted, and take a taste to check the heat. (I can promise, a stick of butter to a full-size bottle of this sauce is plenty hot for all but the most nuclear hot wings.) If it's too hot, add more butter. If you have to cut it with butter too much for your poor innocent tastebuds, you might want to add a little bit of garlic powder or minced garlic to bring back some flavor.

Toss the wings in the hot sauce, a few at a time, coating completely. One batch of hot sauce will cover anywhere from 50 to 100 wings, depending on how much butter was added. These wings are actually tastier the second day, after the sauce has really had a chance to soak in, so don't hesitate to make them the night before you are watching football and then chow down during the game.

Blogging has been light...

Blogging has been light, due to holidays and due to Geiger repeatedly being sick. My husband's been absolutely fantastic about doing the all-nights, but he's wrapped up his Christmas vacation so I'm anticipating not much sleep.