06 January 2008

Last night's debate

I'm pretty disappointed in our GOP candidates after last night's debate. They were each given a chance to discuss what we should do about our national oil crisis (and let me tell you, having to spend over sixty bucks to fill up my gas-guzzling SUV is a crisis!). Not one of them did what I was hoping for, which was to sit up, look straight into the camera, and say with conviction, "Invade Venezuela!"

Although I suppose the only one crazy enough to spout off something so offensive before making it into office is Ron Paul, and that kind of goes against his foreign policy.

I have to disagree with Jack M's assessment that Hillary bringing up S-CHIP is going to cost her the nomination, and I didn't think the got TOO shrewish there compared to some of the other times she lost her cool. Remember, the people who are most likely to show up to the New Hampshire primaries are those who are die-hard Democrats, and they're all for putting each and every one of our children on welfare.

I'd comment more on the Dem debate, but I fell asleep. Blah blah blah blah tends to do that to me.


Crazy Colorado Knitter said...

yeah, I spend $40 to fill up my diesel-sipping bug a week. Stupid 3.25/gallon diesel!

I was reminiscing about the 96 cent fuel we had WAAAY back in the summer of nineteen hundred ninety-eight. Or was that '97? Either way, we've come a long ass way from that. :(

Alice H said...

You're making me feel old, I remember when gas was fifty cents a gallon, back in the eighties. I wasn't driving back then, but I distinctly remember the sign at the gas station down the street.