14 August 2007

Non-tech people shouldn't write tech stories

I feel bad for this girl, I really do. She posted a picture of herself online, a porn company hijacked it for the cover of one of their DVDs and then even had the nerve to blame her picture for poor sales. I think the porn company should be busted for using a pic of someone underage even though she's not nekkid in the picture.

What I find irritating, though, is this:

By posting a picture online, aren't you not only giving permission to download it, but in a way requiring it of just about everyone who visits your website? Aren't reporters supposed to be wordsmiths of a sort, conveying ideas through the precise use of language?

Holy 5h!7!!!

Now THIS is why we live in America. Because you don't hear stories about getting fined for wearing offensive t-shirts here, unlike in the UK.

T-shirt Hell must be running scared.

08 August 2007

03 August 2007

Wal-Mart promotes the sexualization of babies

In a hurry today, I picked up a ten-pack of girl-oriented bibs at Wal-Mart. I should have flipped through them before I bought them, because this was in the middle of the pack:

Does ANY conscientious parent think it's a good idea to advertise their baby daughter as a prostitot? Who in the marketing department at Baby Connection (the baby department for Wal-Mart, and the brand name under which these bibs are sold) thought it would be a good idea to associate the clearly sexual term 'hottie' with a bib sold in their baby department and obviously made for infants and toddlers? Did they really think that parents would want to buy this, and if they did, how do they feel about turning babies into sex objects? Do they think that even joking about a baby being a sexual being is funny?