11 November 2005

Nothing destroys my sense of accomplishment from doing my Christmas shopping early than walking into the mall a few days after Halloween and seeing Christmas decorations. No one should be decorating for Christmas yet except for companies that actually sell Christmas necessities (i.e. Hallmark gets a pass because wrapping paper has to be bought somewhere). I know they're just trying to ramp up Christmas shopping early to help with Christmas sales, but I think everyone is going to be so tired of Christmas music and decorations and Santa and elves that they're not going to do much shopping at all the last few weeks of the holiday season, and they sure won't be feeling festive come December 24.

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deb said...

I'm with you!! Which is why I was pleased to see the following message on the windows at Nordstrom in downtown Seattle this year:

Happiness is celebrating one holiday at a time.

That’s why you won’t find any holiday trim in our stores until after Thanksgiving day. So relax. Reminisce. Enjoy the day as we will — with family and friends. Then when Friday, November 25 rolls around feel free to stop by for a bit of good cheer. It’s then we’ll be decked in our holiday finery — and eager to welcome the season with you.

From our family to yours, happy Thanksgiving. We will be closed on Thanksgiving day.