18 November 2005

Here we go again.

I went to the doctor yesterday after having blood pressure readings over the weekend and through the week with a diastolic in the low 90s. My reading was 124/88 at the doctor's office. I had trace protein on the urine dip, so Dr. K. ordered a uric acid blood level, which should be done today, and she'll decide whether we need to do a 24-hour urine test based on that. I hope it can be done from home, because going to the hospital for 24 hours isn't my idea of a good time, although Avista does have good food, at least.

I've been ordered to seriously curtail my physical activity, and it looks like I'll be going on bed rest a few weeks earlier than I did when I was pregnant with Boo. I'm a little concerned that I'm spilling protein already, since I didn't start spilling protein last time until I was about 35 weeks along. I've got my FrogPad, so I will be able to use my computer while I'm on bed rest - and I already type 16 words a minute with it after about eight hours of using it. I think once I am able to make the jump to actually touch-typing with it my speed will greatly improve.

I was also told at my doctor's appointment that I have a low-lying placenta, which I guess means there's a teensy chance that I will have to have a Cesarean birth. Which freaks me out more than my blood pressure.

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