07 November 2007

Please help Weber Elementary

This slipped under my radar until a fundraiser at my son's school this week.

I kited this pic from the school's website, but I'm hoping they won't mind.

Weber Elementary School in Arvada, CO sustained an estimated $3 million in damage due to an arsonist last June. Most of the damage was in the library. I have been told by a Scholastic Books representative that their library has no books. Parents were being asked to donate a dollar at my son's school's book fair to help purchase books for Weber.

I know how much I enjoyed the library at my elementary school growing up, and how much I hated it when we moved to a school that had a poor library. And I've seen how much MadLibs loves checking out and bringing home books from the library at his school. It almost makes me want to cry to think there's an entire school of kids that are missing that opportunity this year.

So if you've got some spare pocket change, or some gently used books that are lying around, please help Weber rebuild their library.

The mailing address for the school is:

Weber Elementary
8725 West 81st Place
Arvada, CO 80005

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