19 April 2007

CU sticks their foot in it again

The University of Colorado, the Front Range's bastion of free speech, had a student suspended arrested for making comments sympathetic to the VA Tech shooter - namely:

“If anyone in here says that they’ve never been so angry that you wanted to kill 32 people, you’re lying,” Karson said to the class, according to a police report. He also stated that he was angry about the “mindless droves” on campus.
According to witness reports, Karson, a psychology major, allegedly said there were aspects of CU that "made him angry enough to kill people" and expressed sympathetic views toward the Virginia Tech University assailant during a class discussion.

Given what I understand about Max Karson's history with CU administration, I have to wonder how much of this is an attempt to shut up the kid any way they can. I'd be interested to know if the CU campus cops discussed the statements with administration prior to the arrest, and how much gleeful chuckling came from the chancellor's office when the campus cops were sent to pick up Karson.

Not to mention, Karson's got a track record of over-the-top satire, which I'd link to but he's apparently taken his website at yetipaper.com down.

Political correctness is going to take away every last bit of free speech we have. I hope this kid ends up owning the CU campus for this. I don't agree with what he said, I think it's tacky as hell in light of recent happenings, but if tacky were enough to get arrested then any number of Hollywood A-listers would be behind bars.

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justfortodays said...

Too bad they're trying to delete the wikipedia page documenting what's been done to Max Karson: