20 February 2007

HyLoft shelving doesn't suck

As a matter of fact, Hyloft ceiling shelving does more than doesn't suck. I think I'm in love with these shelves. This place did the opposite of what my digital camera did as far as their instructions - it was just a few pages, and everything was explained out so well that I think my husband could have even assembled it. They must have had some clueless idiot go through and try to put together their shelving from their instructions, and then rewritten the instructions based on the idiot's feedback, because every single time I had a question about where something went or how something fit together, it was RIGHT THERE. I'm gonna cover the entire ceiling of my garage with these, I swear.

This is not my garage, by the way. This is a picture I swiped off the Hyloft site. My garage is entirely too messy to post a picture. This despite having done a complete cleanout last summer - my husband doesn't understand that the garage is not for discarded box storage, and he doesn't seem to understand that the best place to store boxes of old papers is not next to the furnace, which is why I was installing shelving in my garage at 11:30 pm on a weeknight.

I would KILL to be able to write instructions as clear as whoever the technical writer for Hyloft did. If they're not paying their tech writer oodles of money, then they don't know what a good thing they have.

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