14 December 2006

Caveat emptor - Dillon Millsap is at it again

A year ago, my husband preordered an Xbox 360 from Alliwire.com, a company that seemed to have a decent reputation - references were listed on the site, there was an active forum that seemed to have customers posting on it, etc. Shortly before the launch date, the owner of the website, Dillon Millsap, announced that his seller for the 360s that he had promised to ship had disappeared with everyone's money. He kept promising to refund everyone's money, and some refunds were issued (including my husband's, after I called the sheriff in Denton County, TX and started inquiring about pressing charges). All the while, he's posting on his forums about various Xbox 360 games that he's playing. During all of this mess, he announced that he was a 17-year-old high school student and that he could just bow out of paying for any of this - a notion I think he was rather quickly disabused of when disgruntled customers started calling his parents and threatening small claims suits against them.

As far as I know, there are still people who have not received a refund - a quick bop around Google shows people posting as recently as September that still are out their cash. The people I feel really sorry for are the people who told this kid that they'd hang in there for their systems, and that they were confident that he would eventually come through. He also was delisted from Ebay at about the same time, although whether the two events were related I don't know.

Alliwire.com has been down for a while. I was doing some research on where to find a PS3 or a Wii, just in case I happened on some poor soul that had one for sale and didn't have the connections to advertise it well enough to run up the price. I came across a post on Cheap Ass Gamers from a year ago that mentioned that alliwire.com was doing PS3 preorders. I started wondering whatever happened to Dillon Millsap - I knew he'd been NARUed from Ebay, and that he'd closed down most of his contact information. A Google search turned up this post from someone posting as Dillon Millsap - with a homepage of entertainextreme.com. The kid's advertising that he has four years experience in selling game consoles. I don't see any mention that one of those four years was spent not delivering $40,000 worth of preorders. He's also relisted on Ebay - although I see that he's sold two items and one of the items never reached the buyer.

Oh, and guess what - on entertainextreme.com he has a section for preorders! Get yer ice-cold ripoff here!

I wonder if his parents are aware that he's back in the Internet fraud business.


Connor said...

Yup, still haven't gotten mine and i stumbled across his site a little while ago... Promised to send me credit in xbox games and accessories... never got anything. Now on his website people are getting pissed because they havent been getting some of there games.

omah59 said...

Ditto, still haven't got my Xbox 360 refund. Promised to send it in the mail. Never got a refund. He won't answer emails or voice mail messages. What else to do?? It's a shame he can start up another web business as well as have another account on ebay without issuing refunds to prior customers. How many people will lose out before he stops??

dooped by Dillon Millsap said...

I still have not received a refund for my XBOX 360, wireless controllers or the HALO 3 preorder. I also found information on him...unfortunately nobody in Texas has returned my phone calls. I have a feeling it is because of his family connections with law enforcement there. I have kept a record of every promise made...I also came across his new website. FYI, I found it while trying to relocate him in August of 2006. I found him through his community's website, under classifieds. Apparently, he is a budding Disc Jockey as well. Hopefully, people will read this and be warned not to purchae anything from him or any affiliates. Regretfully, I took his word as honest and agreed to "hang in" and wait for him to get his business in order. If I had threatened him like so many did I would probably have my $620.00. Live and Learn. I email him regualrly because he is liable for not supplying me with the goods that were not part of his "Scam" - wireless controllers and HALO 3. He is a rat. Again, BEWARE of Dillon Millsap - his new email for anyone interested is alligs123@hotmail.com

wbetts said...
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wbetts said...
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wbetts said...

Wanted to let you know about dillion milsap he is at it again he has a new business in lewisvill he is harrsing people on craigs list that are doing repair on xbox 360s here is the new information

Company Address: Wired Extreme
424 E Main St Suite 102
Lewisville, TX 75057

Company Email: support@wiredextreme.com
Company Toll Free #: 888-389-3038
Company Local Phone #: 214-222-5788
Company Fax #: 866-727-7939