01 October 2006

Udi's and Saxby's

I'm usually wary of sandwiches in plastic boxes, especially sandwiches with mayonnaise - to me they're reminiscent of that nasty egg salad sandwich that's the only sandwich left in the vending machine, that you don't dare eat because it's been there for six months. Plus I'm just not that crazy about mayo. But I skedaddled to a coffee shop* to get some work done today, and I was tired of bagels, so I tried an Udi's Curry Chicken Wrap. This sandwich is *really* good.

Interestingly enough, the Saxby's I frequent isn't listed in the store locations on their website, even though I am certain the storefront picture on the website is this location. It's a shame, because this is a pretty excellent coffee shop for a chain. The coffee's good, they use Monin syrup (which is the only way to go if you like sugar-free syrups), the staff goes the extra mile, and they keep your freebies on their computer so you don't have to carry around yet another coffee card.

UPDATE: My Saxby's quit carrying Udi's. They got me hooked on the Curry Chicken Wrap, and then they yanked it away from me. Waah!

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