16 December 2005

I went to our friendly neighborhood Target pharmacy* to pick up Sudafed for me and my three year old a few weeks ago - I was IDed, entered into their database, and had to sign a log. I was told that I could not purchase more than two packages in a visit, or products containing more than two grams of Sudafed a month.

My guess is that the 96 pack is going away since it contains almost three grams. A 48 pack is a six day supply for an adult.

Is this some conspiracy against the Catholics and Mormons? Three grams is not enough to treat two adults for a week, let alone their kids. If everyone in a household with, say, four kids, gets sick at once, someone is going to have to go without. And if their household is anything like ours, at least two weeks out of the month someone is sick.

And what about the ramifications of taking away millions of dollars, probably billions, in sales from Pfizer? What is this going to do to their bottom line? It's not like their product became obsolete. Why isn't the NRA pitching in on this, since Sudafed doesn't create drug addicts, it's just sometimes used to create drugs?

*This isn't sarcasm, I get wonderful service at our nearest Target from pharmacists who know me by name and are familiar with my family and their prescriptions.

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