08 September 2005

Please let me SLEEP

How sleep-deprived is someone when they finally fall off to sleep and what they dream about is being able to sleep?

I've had this gack for ten days now that keeps me up all night coughing. Everyone else I know got over it in five. Since I'm pregnant, there's nothing I can really take for it - my doctor said that Sudafed was OK, and I was taking it along with Tylenol for the sinus headache, until I came across this article. I really don't like having to double-check everything my doctor says, and it's not like she's a newbie to what to take and not take since she has a one-year-old. Normally I love my doctor. I am seeing her (a GP) rather than a perinatologist, which I could ask for and get a referral to with no problem because of my PIH/pre-eclampsia when I was pregnant with Boo but I feel we have a good relationship. I'm irked right now, though.

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