07 August 2005

March of the Penguins

I took Boo to his first movie today. Boo's almost three, and this movie was the first one I felt comfortable taking Boo to without worrying about violence or sexuality (my husband had suggested letting him see Toy Story, and one of the first scenes has Mr. PotatoHead running around with a freakin GUN).

Great movie, bad experience. The previews were playing so loudly and were so overwhelming that Boo started screaming that he wanted to go home. Three trips to the bathroom and a trip to get our money refunded since we were leaving and then purchasing more tickets because Rhys decided that he wanted to see PENGUINS, we finally settled into the actual movie.

March of the Penguins was beautiful and fascinating. It was definitely kid-friendly, handling penguin violence, mating, and predators with discretion and grace. If I had the money we would go to see it many more times, if only to knock Michael Moore's movies out of the top 'documentary' spot. I don't understand how Moore's movies, filled with so much fiction, count as documentaries anyway, so as far as I'm concerned this movie already has the top spot.

Given everything penguins have to go through to have little penguin babies, I'm surprised there are any penguins left.

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